best budgeting app in 2021

If you struggle a lot to stick to a particular budget and you are looking for better ways in which you can manage your personal expenses, then actually, your smartphone can be your strongest financial ally. Budgeting apps can assist you to not only track your spending easily but also make it a lot of fun to stick to your budget firmly, too. Outlined below are five of the most popular budgeting apps, and these are for both Android and iOS devices, and the best thing is, they are free.

Goodbudget: Envelope budget revamped.

Goodbudget has taken the envelope budgeting method, where the cash is divided between envelopes labeled for different purposes and into the digital age. By allocating fixed amounts to each type of spending category upfront, you easily stay within your set budget constraints and see how close you’re to overspending. The app also lets you use pre-set categories such as gas and groceries or create your own. The free version lets you sync with up to two devices for your household and gives you access to the community support forum.

Mint: Big-Picture budgeting

Mint has been around in the app store since 2007, and with over 10 million downloads worldwide, Mint is one of the most famous budgeting apps available. Mint lists your bill, syncs with bank accounts, and can report your credit score. Once you connect all your financial accounts, Mint gives you a general overview of your financial trends and habits. It also allows you to see where you are spending your money monthly and even yearly and how much you can save by cutting back on any one category.

Albert: Get rewarded for saving

While using Albert, you don’t need to log transactions or update info manually; you connect all your accounts and let Albert work its magic. In addition to tracking your spending and income, the app often makes it easy to save. It can also calculate how much you safely can save, and then it automatically transfers that money from your checking account to a different Albert savings account. Annually, it can reward you with 10 cents for each $100 saved.

Clarity Money: Control neglected subscriptions 

Clarity Money assists you in organizing your money by breaking down how you spend by category. Once you have linked all your respective financial accounts, you can easily track your transactions with handy charts and graphs for a clear visual representation of your financial position. Awesome features include the ability to check your credit score, calculate your average spending, and set weekly budget goals.

Pocketguard: Budgeting on autopilot

Pocketguard analyzes your bills, income, and goals and then automatically creates for you a personalized budget. You can link all your accounts from savings and checking to investments accounts so that you will be able to see all your finances in one place. A special feature allows you to track how much money you’re left with monthly to set aside for savings. Pocketguard updates all transactions in real-time and also gives you an option to set your spending limits for every category.


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